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    Question Multiple computers assigned to on mac pro
    Hi guys,

    I'm new here, but when I went into apple support communities, this fella gave me no help, just gobbledygook! My question was, can I hook multiple monitors up to one mac pro, yet each monitor is a completely different computer so the guy in the next room does not see what I am doing! The fella on support communities said that I should just get a mac for each employee, but macs are expensive, and I'm a kiwi, and us kiwis don't have money to burn! I really want to move to mac, as I am sick of windows! Please, please oh please I beg of you do NOT bore me with facts, I just want a simple answer! I am a simpleton!

    Thanks in advance,

    Bobby boop

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    Please refrain from criticising me...
    Please guys I hate criticism, so please don't criticise me, just put me on the right path

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    Texas, where else?
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    The simple answer is...


    Not without each user having their own computer.
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    If I am reading this correct , you want to use one mac pro as multiple work stations at the same time?
    Unfortunately you cannot do this.
    The only options you have for multiple workstations are a single computer for each workstation ,
    You can use a single computer as a central server that each individual workstation can access for file storage or retrieval , but each individual workstation must have its own computer.
    The best option here if you want to go to mac is to get a single mac pro for a server , then each individual workstation have a computer such as a mac mini .
    If you could use one computer for multiple workstations , offices would have been doing this for a long time now. Ever office I have ever been to uses a central server with multiple workstations that have access to it via there own computer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobby Boop View Post
    The fella on support communities said that I should just get a mac for each employee, but macs are expensive, and I'm a kiwi, and us kiwis don't have money to burn!
    Being a "Kiwi" gives you no exclusive rights to not having "money to burn"! Folks all over the world don't have money just spilling out of there pockets either!

    I do not know if your business really needs (or needed) the performance of a Mac Pro computer..but if it doesn't…I just checked the New Zealand Apple Store…and 4 Mac-Mini's could have been purchased for the same price as the entry level Mac Pro. Thus…at least 4 of your employees could have had their own computer.

    - Nick

    p.s. Regarding your Mac Pro and monitor question. A Mac Pro can have upwards of 8 monitors hooked up to it (with the appropriate number of video cards installed)…but the Mac Pro is still limited to just one user (no multiple users using the same computer doing completely separate tasks).
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