Hello all. I have two Mac mini's, both with model number A1347. One is the Late 2012 server model and one is a previous Mid 2011 server model.

I have a scenario where I have to produce quite a large amount of traffic using hping3 on a local network.

Now when I tested the Mac Mid 2011 server I was able to obtain ~1 Gbps through the Gb NIC. However, when I performed the exact same test on the Mac Late 2012 server, I was only able to produce ~430 Mbps.

I've checked into kernel tuning and while there are a lot of guides out there to get the best performance out of FreeBSD and Mac OSX 10.7(mid 2011) and 10.8(late 2012) the values in the guides are usually 2x-4x larger than the highest values the Late 2012 Mac mini server will allow.

I purchased a Thunderbold Gb NIC to test and this yielded even more surprising results. The buffer for the on-board NIC and the Thunderbolt adapter is shared and I can't tune it any higher than the default settings.

Does anyone know how I can get hping3 to perform the same on the Mid 2011 as on the Late 2012?

If I can get the Late 2012 to perform as I would like, I will be purchasing a stack of the Mac minis instead of racks of Dells. The Dells cheapest servers can get just over 900Mbps and have two NICs each which have enough shared buffers.