Hi all,
Just been reading the posts here from Cinful with interest, as I too returned my iMac to an Authorised dealer for drive replacement.

After waiting four weeks (two weeks for drive replacement, then because the actual aluminium casing and stand were damaged - another two weeks!), I brought it home yesterday.

My problem is - the OS is now Lion but there is nothing else on the machine now and I thought I could restore from my CDs back to Snow Leopard.

Before doing this though, I have checked time capsule which shows the backup folder I made prior to taking into store but refuses to restore saying incorrect folder or something to that effect (sorry but can't remember exact words - if I'd been on my Windows I'd have done a screendump but don't know if I can do this on iMac).

So I then tried to install my printer by inserting CD, but it won't find the CD.

I then tried a DVD just in case and this didn't play either, just whirred and ejected on its own.

If I try to install Snow Leopard from the original disks will they be read at all if the CD/DVd doesn't seem to be working?

I have to agree with Cinful, it's a nightmare because I took mine in knowing I only had another few months on my cover and didn't want the drive to pack up afterwards, but the hassle and the damage etc is quite upsetting when you pay so much for this equipment.

If anyone can offer advice I'd be obliged.

Regards, John