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    imac desktop jumping
    imac os 10.7.5
    imac os 10.7.5

    Different screens won't stay in place. example: here is an image. fine. I want to grab pert of it. i click grab. the image flies off, stage right. grab is now here, but nothing to do. easy work around, yes, screenshot. but i do not want these things flying around so much.
    or pandora is running on google chrome. i see the song, the album cover. but if i start writing, say, textedit. here is text edit but off flies pandora. if i hear a tune and want to know what it is, i can click chrome, it will fly back, but my text will fly away. and so on. why do i have problems nobody else does?

    thanks mates

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    I'm really sorry but I don't fully understand what you mean unless... you might be talking about Spaces and having different apps in different Spaces (desktops)

    Have a look here:
    Get to grips with Spaces in Lion | Mission Control | Mac OS X Tips
    and see if any of this is familiar/of help

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