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Thread: email account on 2 imacs

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    email account on 2 imacs

    i'm looking to buy 2 imacs - 1 for the office, 1 for home
    right now I carry my windows laptop back and forth from work and use outlook for email

    i want to be able to have my emailed "sync'd" as it were so that I'm using my email at the office and when I come home it's exactly the same with deleted/ sent emails etc.

    I know I could use a gmail or web based email but I have my own domain email e.g

    Can this be done ?

    new to the mac world so sorry if this is a trivial thing


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    What you're asking is for an IMAP type account where your email would be synced between all your devices - computers, smart phone, iPad, etc. Not sure how you would set that up using your own domain and email server though. You could certainly do it with GMail as they offer free IMAP accounts.

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    chscag is correct. You will need to speak to whoever supplies your hosting and ask if they can change your email from POP to IMAP. If they can't and you want to keep your domain, you'll have to move it to someone who does support IMAP.

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