Hi. Thanks ahead of time for a signpost with directions to follow.
My CreateSpace pdf in both the Proofer online and the hard copy I just received have great color variance from what I submitted in my pdf cover and interior files. The vibrancy's gone. The bright spring green is dull. The light bluegreens more like gray.

SO, next to learn: I need to know the easiest way to convert my RGB to CMYK files, so I can replace what I've got in my CreateSpace book project interior and exterior spots. I am super hoping there's a way to do this in the pdf state, from RGB pdf to CMYK pdf. I am happy to do page by page. The 44-page book has text, plus color images (from original watercolor paintings), with some black ink drawings as well. I work on a MacBook 10.6.8. I assembled the pdfs (page by page as "images") in GIMP 2.8. The original text I formatted in iStudio, easily uploading into GIMP, as images, then working each image in layers. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that flattened images can't be unflattened, so if I need to go back to a pre-pdf pages ('images' in GIMP lingo), I'll have to do quite a bit of reconstructing. The last layered building steps are now bound within the flattened images in 44-page pdf. Fortunately, I can easily alter one page at a time within my full pdf. Thank goodness in Mac that's a pop in and out process. I want to find an RGB to CMYK conversion that I can do page by page, popping out and back into my full pdf.

Thanks ahead of time for any guidance. I work best with clear directions in how to's, and definitions and specific where to find's too (I won't be insulted). I like it when I can go step by step in some program without having to go into my systems folders and reformat anything internally. Much appreciated! Sparky