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    Yet another Drive problem
    OK. I just got my 1T hard-drive replaced under warranty on my iMac 27 back in October. I learned a hard lesson - have a back-up. So I bought a G Drive mini (500GB), and hooked it up. It's worked fine for the last month. Now all of a sudden, I keep getting pop-ups saying that Time Machine cannot perform a backup because the file couldn't be created, or something to that effect.

    I clicked on Time Machine, and I was in no-mans land. Nothing worked. No back, no forward, no escaping. I had to shut down my computer via the power button (I know, not the preferred way of shutting down), because I couldn't get out of the frozen Time Machine screen.

    I tried to eject the G Drive mini, but it said that a program was using it. I forced an eject. I reconnected it and it popped right back up and did a backup immediately. Worked fine for almost 12 hours. Then this morning, back to the same problem.

    I repeated all the previous steps, but now the G Drive mini won't even show up at all.


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    I suspect the drive may be defective. If the G drive is covered by warranty (it should be) I would contact the manufacturer and ask for an RMA. You've probably used it too long to be able to return it from where you purchased it.

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