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Thread: wifi is terrible with mac mini

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    wifi is terrible with mac mini
    Just got the mac mini i7 2.6 with ssd and 16gigs of ram, the thing is great for editing but I feel like I'm on dial up sometimes with the wifi. I have fios and download speeds in the same location on my iphone and macbook pro are both 20mbps up and download. With the Mac mini I am getting 4 up and down. It is always disconnecting the apple mouse and keyboard also. Is the casing too solid for wireless to get through?

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    Your antennas on the mini don't have to travel through the casing, they are right below the plastic cover on the bottom of the machine. How far away are you from your router?
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    Also, how good/old is the router? do you have any throttling turned on? Most of the time, in my experience, misconfigured or dying routers have been the issue.
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    the floor below it, but like I said I have used previous pc's, my macbook pro, and iphone all in the same location with perfect internet. My mac mini is showing full bars also.

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    router is 4 months old

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