Hello. new to this forum and have searched through posts but have not found a similar question posted, so here it goes.

I am a long time Mac user, currently using a 6 year old Macbook Pro. Its on its last leg and I am stuck trying to decide the correct replacement.

I really like the portability of a laptop, mainly to use throughout my house. I have been looking at the mini server and was wondering if I can connect it in my main closet with my other home automation equiptment and then connect to it via ethernet throughout different rooms in my house. In other words, can I hook it up in my closet, and then connect multiple screens throughout the house to it via ethernet so it would be as if I ultimately had a laptop wherever I need it?

Or do I have to connect it directly to a display itself?

Thanks for the input and the help. I am trying to decide whether or not to get the new Macbook Pro or if the server will do.