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    Mac Mini or new iMac what do you think?
    Hello everyone, let me just start off by saying I don't know much about computer specs, with that being said... I just wanted to get some of your opinions about my options. Right now my current set up is a (early 2011) macbook pro 13inch base with a 27 apple cinema display. I am currently attending school for film and want to do movie edition on it. When I downloaded final cut on my computer last week, I was editing a film and trying to surf the web at the same time, however my computer wasn't having any of that and started to freeze and glitch. So I am thinking of getting a computer with a little better specs, either the new quad core mac mini with fusion drive and 2.6 GHz and with 8 GB of memory or the new 27 imac with fusion drive? I was told the imac could be a better choice due to the mini not having a dedicated graphics card. If I get a mac mini I will already have a display for it (apple cinema display) but if I get imac I will have to sell my macbook pro and display what do you guys think?



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    I would vote for the iMac - you could also look at getting a 2011 iMac and saving quite a bit of $$ - you might be able to keep your notebook that way. The 2011 iMacs are more than capable of suiting your needs.

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    What are the specs for the mbp? You could always max the ram and install ssd Black Friday is coming
    2.93 27inch imac with ssd+2tb,2.6 XPS720 vista64 8gig_17 2.6 MBP with 4gig and 200gig 7200 rpm_ATV 160 gig_iphone32gs_AEBS_1TB timecapsule,and drobofs

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    Thanks for your replay BrianLachoreVPI, I will defiantly look into getting a iMac.

    Lilmill, my specs for my MBP are 2.3 GHz core i5 with 4 GB of memory.

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