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Thread: Pro 1,1 won't boot. Need help troubleshooting.

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    Pro 1,1 won't boot. Need help troubleshooting.
    Mac Pro 1,1
    OS X 10.6

    I tried to turn on the computer again - white power light came on but it didn't boot from the drive.
    It does not appear to be accessing the hard drives at all. I have removed all external USB sources and I still get nothing. i have tried removing all but the first(system) bay and it stll won't boot.

    No chime, no screen, no dark grey screen. I hear what sounds/feels like the two fans going full power but nothing that sounds like HDD access. This continues until I cut the power again.

    I removed the graphics card - all the drives and but one set of DIMM's with no difference. Fans still stay on full power until I cut power. It does show the white power light on the front though.

    I have reseated all the memory as well - cleaning off as much as I could witha 12oz can of compressed air. Still no difference

    I guess there is no way to run the Hardware Test in this stage.

    The logic boards Diagnostic LED's show "trickle power" That led me, and other apple "experts" to suggest a power supply problem. I bought a new one off ebay but after connecting it nothing changed

    Any ideas?

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    Sure sounds like a failed power supply.

    Trouble with eBay if the ps was used is to know if it was any good at the time of purchase. If from a reputable selling firm contact them.
    Hang on to those original install discs like grim death! Using OS X.7 or later make a bootable USB thumb drive before running Installer!

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