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    iMac 12.2 loud fans
    Hello everyone,
    I'm the new IT guy for my company and I've noticed that one of the machine's fans were really loud, so I ran a hardware test and this came up:

    Any ideas? According to google, there's something wrong with one of the sensors, but is that something I can get at ebay and replace it myself or do I have to send it to Apple?

    The system is an iMac 12.2 27"

    Thanks guys,


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    The machine is a Mid 2011 27" iMac. The first thing to do is check to see whether or not an extended warranty is valid for that computer. (Apple care) You can check that with the serial number of the machine by calling Apple.

    A loud fan or run away fan on the 2011 iMacs are usually associated with temperature sensor problems or that an improper hard drive has been installed. The hard drives on those machines are proprietary and must be replaced with the same drive. The cable and temperature sensor are also proprietary.

    Replacing any of the internal parts in that machine can turn out to be quite a chore as the entire front panel display must be removed. You can get an idea of the procedure by going to iFixit: The free repair manual.

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