I need help with an issue that although not the biggest of deal is driving me nuts! I have a few Mac Mini's that I have purchased, fixed, upgraded and re-sold and have had a lot of fun doing this. USUALLY I can go on the internet or this site and resolve my problems if any.

I recently purchased a 2009 mac mini, upgraded it to 8gb ram and 500HD in addition to a fresh install of mountain lion. Unit works great. I had this attached to a large flat screen monitor and it also worked great. I recently swapped the monitor for a much smaller Dell monitor.

First issue, everything too large for screen. FIXED this..

Second issue the Monitor when the mini is turned off goes into a self testing mode which I have not yet been able to work around this yet but when mini is on all is fine so not the biggest of problems.

Third and most annoying, with the new monitor hook up my Gray apple muntain lion log on screen is much larger than before and although no function problem I just do not like it so HUGE etc!

For 2 days now I have not found any real answer for this. I have found as to how to customize and change the background but I do not want to mess with this as I like the Mountain Lion Gray sign on screen.

I supposed I can just go back to the newer , better Monitor live my life but this tiny issue is eating at me!

Anyone have any solutions, answers or ideas?

Best Regards....