Hi everyone, I'm new here but have been using apple products since 2009.

Our set up is fairly simple to be honest:

iMac 27"
MacBook Pro 13"

Each operates as a stand alone but is linked via iCloud e.g. mail, safari favourites etc. For documents I use dropbox so don't tend to have files on the systems. We use Airport Extreme as our router and have connections around the house for music systems via Airport Express.

We were finding our systems were slowing down due to the volume of music so decided to connect to our Airport Extreme is a 1TB external hard drive which now houses all of our iTunes library and music. This means that both computers can connect to the iTunes library (not at the same time admittedly) and access the songs. It saves on having the music in two places and having to check one is updated for the other etc.

However, what we're worried about is losing the music due to a failure in the external hard drive.

I'm not a techie so don't really know if firstly we've got the right set up or secondly how to take a backup. We don't use time machine function on one of the machines as to be honest we don't have that many files on the system, on the iMac we use time machine to back up our photos.

What I would appreciate is any tips on system set up and how to take a backup of the external hard drive - could this be done via time capsule?

many thanks guys in advance, sorry if I've missed key information out, let me know if I have.