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    On the Mac Mini can I extend the display across 2 monitors using both the HDMI and thunderbolt ports?


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    I did it with a Mini 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 with a Thunderbolt display and an HDMI Panasonic 42 Inch TV. It set up easy and worked, but was just too... klunky. My idea was to use Plex to show movies on the TV and use the TDisplay normally, but there was just too much screen real estate. Even with the mouse on max, it would take several passes over the pad to get from one place to another. Plus, the cursor would get lost and I would be moving all over the pad trying to find it.

    But, depending on your usage, it might be fine. It certainly works and is a heck of a lot easier than to set up than dual monitors on Linux.

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