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    Oct 09, 2012
    iMac 27" mid 2011 SSD Upg.

    I have an iMac 27" mid 2011, with preordret SSD.
    I have then got an extra SSD and want to installe that.
    I got a 22pin to 13pin SATA cable.
    and a 13pin sata to data sata and a power.
    I have then build the 2 cables together and have split a 13pin sata female to 7pin data and 6 pin power.

    So now i have this.
    - 13pin sata to 13 pin sata - Prime SSD SATA1
    - the splitted 13pin i then have 6pin power to power (SATA2)
    the splitted 7pin data to data SATA0 - the 22pin sata 2. SSD.
    the normal sata data to data SATA2 - and the 13pin to the DVD/CD.

    If i disconnect the DVD drive, the 2. SSD is working fine.
    If i disconnect the 2. SSD, then the DVD is working fine.
    If i have both drives on the same powercable then the dvd/cd is first in line and the 2. SSD is ofc. 2. in line, then its only the DVD/CD thats working, its almost like the SSD isent got enought power.

    What can i do, where can i get 5Volt power to the SSD, if i cant run 2 drives on the same power line/cable !??

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    Oct 09, 2012
    Or will u say that i dont do this.
    1. Cable - 1. SSD.
    2. Cable - 2. SSD + DVD

    But do this.
    1. Cable - DVD
    2. Cable - 1. SSD + 2. SSD

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