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    Exclamation iMac G5 not connecting to wireless
    Hi all,

    So, up until now, my iMac G5 has been able to connect to my home network. It finds the network, and comes up with the dialogue to enter the WEP key, so everything is fine there. Unfortuanetly, when I hit "enter", it shows the spinning wheel for a 3 seconds then says "Connection timeout." Before it WOULD connect, I'd just have to click enter a few times before it actually connected. Now it won't.

    Before anyone asks:
    • YES, I did install the Airport Extreme card correctly.
    • YES, I did plug everything in right.
    • YES, it does find the network.
    • NO, it is not an Intel iMac.
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    You have another Airport card for troubleshooting?

    You could have a signal issue...are other devices able to connect wirelessly?

    It sounds like your iMac area MAY be becoming increasingly inhospitable to the WIFI waves shooting through the air.

    1. Bring the iMac right next to the router (or whatever WIFI source you have).
    2. Test.
    3. If still no connection ->Flush cache (why not) ->Ensure that your settings are correct on the router & in your Airport settings -> Restart -> If still unsuccessful: Try your iMac at a friend's house (see if you can connect to his router)

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    What does Apple System Profiler have to say about the card? They do fail.
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