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    iMac vs MacBook Pro + Cinema Display

    This is my first post on the Mac Forums. I recently just saw that Apple announced the new iMac models today and it got me to thinking why I regret not getting the 27 inch iMac a few years ago. I currently have a 21.5 inch 2009 model iMac and a 13 inch 2009 MacBook Pro. I use my MacBook mainly for college and my iMac for home, web design, graphic design, and business use.

    Basically, I feel that my MacBook is too small to be used as my only computer, but things like setting up email accounts, installing software, and such is annoying with both an iMac and a MacBook Pro. I like the slim iMacs that Apple just announced, but I have also been looking at the Cinema Displays ever since a bought my MacBook used on eBay in January 2012 (I got my iMac in January 2010).

    I am interested in selling my 21.5 inch iMac and getting the 27 inch LED Cinema Display instead. This will be an upgrade in size plus it will allow me to only use one computer which is much easier for organization... Has anyone done this? I just don't want to regret selling my iMac.

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    I haven't ever owned an iMac and have nothing bad to say about them at all . . . but I have considered the same things you discuss. Currently I'm running a non-Apple 27in display off my Mac Mini and am very pleased with the results (though a new Thunderbolt Display would be nice).

    My rationale goes something like this:

    1) the total cost for a new mini specced out with a 27in display is equal to or more than the equivalent iMac


    2) Displays hardly ever go bad (at least in my experience) but Macs grow old and become obsolete. So, my choice is to buy the display once, and replace the desktop that drives it when it gets old. I think this is the isn't practical long range approach FWIW
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    I am planning on using a MacBook Pro, not a Mac Mini. I already own the MacBook Pro, so all I would be buying is the display and selling my iMac. I just wondered if it was annoying to hook up the MacBook to the display every time you want to use it.

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    I just wondered if it was annoying to hook up the MacBook to the display every time you want to use it.
    The best way to accomplish that is to buy a dock for your MacBook or MacBook Pro. When you get home, insert the machine into the dock and it's automatically hooked to your external display, speakers, etc.

    Check this out from Henge Docks: LINK

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    Do you honestly think it's worth it to upgrade the screen size? I could sell my 21.5 inch iMac for about $750 and get the refurbished 27 inch display from Apple for $830. In the end, that's trading my iMac plus $80 for the 27 inch display.

    It seems silly to trade a full computer for a monitor, but it is a size upgrade.

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    FWIW, I recently moved to a Mac at work. I went from a PC with two 21" displays to a MacBook Pro connected to a 27" Thunderbolt display. I disconnect every night when I take the MBP home and reconnect every morning, and I also will take the MBP to meetings in other offices/conf rms during the day.

    First, I LOVE the 27" display. It is fantastic. Second, I have no issue connecting and disconnecting - it's pretty easy. I am thrilled with my setup.

    Your mileage may vary, of course.

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