Bit of a confusing issue so will try and explain it best i can.

I have a mac pro with 3 drives (1tb os x mountain lion, 320gb bootcamp drive and a 500gb backup drive)

I usually always boot up in bootcamp but the other day when trying to boot i got a message saying windows was unable to find a bootable device. It wont let me run a repair from disk and i can't boot into os x. I have installed windows 7 on the backup drive and managed to run a disk check on the bootcamp drive but it still states theres no bootable drive.

Not understanding bootcamp that well, could it be that the os x drive is corrupt and will therefore not allow me to boot up into the windows bootcamp drive?

My plan at the moment is to buy a new drive, install os x on it and redo everything, I dont want to reinstall it on the 1tb os x drive i already have as there is data i hope to get off of it.

If anyone has any other idea's it would be much appricated.