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    Mac Mini recognizes my Internet connection but will not go on line! Help.
    OK, gang, so here is the deal.. I have a Mac Mini Processor 2.3 GHZ running Lion 10.7.5 It is hooked up wirelessly to a cysco Linksys E1500 wireless router. Additionally I have it hooked up via an ethernet cable as well.

    Earlier this evening I was rearranging the cords behind the computer and unplugged the stuff accidentally the Mac, Router, etc... plugged it all back in with no problem.

    Then I went to use the computer, and it will not connect to the internet. The Mini sees the router, and is connected (complete with green dot)

    I have two other lap tops that both see the router and connect to the internet.


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    It's happened to me several times over the years, and I've found that a hard reboot of the modem/router cured the problem.
    Or it could be a problem with your ISP also.

    Check your network/firewall settings.

    Try them and see.
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