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    imac SuperDrive Help
    Ok im a newbie so forgive me. I have a imac running osx version 10.75
    Bought new in 2009with dual intel process. The problem i am having is with the superdrive.
    It will read most cd/dvd's but one of them it will just spit it back out. I originally thought it was a problem with the disc, but it reads just fine on other imacs and macbooks. As well as other windows machines. The disc itself is recorded in a .VOB format, inside a VIDEO_TS folder. I thought the problem was the file extension, so i downloaded VLC player and installed. Still no change. I insert the disc and after 5-10 seconds the disc ejects
    Can anybody help????

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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    Be aware that iMacs, together with MacBooks and Minis, use a slot loading optical drive and these do have a high failure rate. With new iMac purchased a cheap Samsung optical drive and connect by USB and hoping this will save the internal optical drive.

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    It could also be a dirty laser lens. You can buy laser lens cleaners from most any electronics store. They look like CD's with brushes on the bottom and they typically cost about $10.

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    Lens cleaners typically do not work. It's best to buy a can of compressed air and blow several short blasts into the drive slot. That will clean a dirty lens just as well and won't damage it as some lens cleaners do.

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    When the superdrive failed on my old 2007 24"er I just bought an external drive (Samsung) and all was well with the world again.
    But, you will need 2 usb ports (one to power it and one for data transfer) so get a powered usb hub while your at it (if your going down that route that is).
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