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    hello from a NOVICE Mac User

    I was recently stupid enough to buy a Powermac G5 for 150 without testing it or opening it up, however it was advertised as M9749B/A fully tested and working 2.7 dual core, with 4gb ram (i can see four Ram sticks present), superdrive, wired keyboard and mouse (apple).

    Original OSX Panther (3 discs) these are present.
    There is a fourth disc= APPLE MAC OS X XCODE TOOLS INSTALL DISC 691-04888-A (dunno what this is for)

    The serial number shows it to be this system, Apple Serial Number Lookup -

    However on Power Up i could not hear a chime OR get a video signal to a 55 inch hdtv (using a dvi/vga adapter) or a proper DVI monitor.

    So opened the case (air baffle is present) but there are no hard drives and no optical drive!
    *yes i know i'm stupid.

    Note: I think fully working it should be worth 300
    Q1. Is the graphics card fried (should i still get a signal without the hdd/optical)
    Q.2 What would you advise.....
    Option A: should i purchase individual components to test/rebuild and what to purchase first? *what if the cpu is fried or worse not present (i haven't opened that part up yet).
    Option B: Buy a fully tested and proven working sytem and sell this one ( i could perhaps get a lesser model and move components to this one? example:Apple POWERMAC G5 1.8 Dual 4GB + 250mb Excellent Cond & all latest software 0718908438534 | eBay
    Option C: Shoot myself in the Head

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    If there is no chime then it is something else, does on button even light up
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    Quote Originally Posted by louishen View Post
    If there is no chime then it is something else, does on button even light up
    Yes power button lights up and fan noise increases gradually to quite loud

    Q. Theoretically speaking if evrything was removed from the system, ie Ram, Graphics Card, HDD, etc would you still get the chime, when does the chime kick in?

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    Good purchase if you can get it working! I got mine at the same price and managed to sell it on for 350! Also please don't shoot yourself!
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    Please try to avoid option C, that should be kept as a last resort as you're about to get eaten in the zombie apocalypse.

    There's really no telling what's good and what's bad with the ram and HD removed. Basically, try to get cheap parts (small HD, 512MB or 1GB of ram) to see if it powers up normally. After you have been able to confirm it's either functional or broken, you can start putting some actual decent parts into it. (or sell it as is, people will pay 2x for a working system then they will a broken one)

    Good luck.

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