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claire145 10-13-2012 06:10 AM

buying my first imac and need some advice
Hi there, I've been offered a 24" imac, 2.4GHz Intel Core Duo Processor, 2MB Shared l2 Cache and a 320gb Hard Drive along with iLife'11, iwork '08 and Snow leopard.

This imac is used as there is no way i can buy a new or refurbished imac unfortunatly.
Basically I just have a few questions because I'm not a computer buff and want to know if this imac is a good deal and right for me.

I'm a design student so use photoshop and illustator quite heavily so how would the specs cope with that? I'm right in thinking i can upgrade the ram which might make it faster and better at multitasking? Is it also possible to increase the gb to like 500?

My other question is about upgrades, will it upgrade to mountain lion easily? And how far into the future do you think it will be able to upgrade? Also with applications and apps such as photoshop, where will I stand with future programs like this?

Thanks for your time guys

dtravis7 10-13-2012 06:13 AM

I believe the 24" Mac you are talking about has a Core2Duo Cpu. That machine can easily be upgraded to 4GB (If I am right on the model) RAM. The hard drive is a pain to change but on that machine can be done and there are tutorials all over.

I have a 2.4Ghz C2D iMac which should be the 20" version of your system and it works great even with Mountain Lion.

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