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    MP1,1 will not boot or chime
    Everything was going smoothly until I tried to add fourth hard drive to the system's fourth bay. I tried to turn on the computer again - white power light came on but it didn't boot from the drive. I took out the 4th drive bay and tried again but it will still not boot. This was possibly the first restart in a while so it could also be an update from a piece of software also. It does not appear to be accessing the hard drives at all. I have removed all external USB sources and I still get nothing. i have tried removing all but the first(system) bay and it stll won't boot.

    No chime, no screen, no dark grey screen. I hear what sounds/feels like the two fans going full power but nothing that sounds like HDD access. I don't know what the normal amount of time would be but it goes for a while - i haven't timed it, I interrupt it because i'm afraid it's damaging my computer further.

    I removed the graphics card - all the drives and but one set of DIMM's with no difference. Fans still stay on full power until I cut power. It does show the white power light on the front though.

    I have reseated all the memory as well - cleaning off as much as I could witha 12oz can of compressed air. Still no difference

    Any help troubleshooting would be much appreciated


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    The machine is not going to boot without a graphics card anyway.... It sounds like you may have a bad power supply but I'll let some of our Mac Pro guys chime in here. They should have some better advice to give.

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    Power supply is the number one suspect with early Mac Pros. You might try it with the original hard drive and memory modules, gfx card installed and no peripherals connected after an SMC reset. Try to switch on, power down, remove mains plug and leave for ten minutes, plug in and see if there is any joy.

    Repair usually runs around the $400.00 mark.
    Hang on to those original install discs like grim death! Using OS X.7 or later make a bootable USB thumb drive before running Installer!

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