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    Mac Mini HDMI
    I use the Mac Mini as a media streaming device and keep it hooked to my TV. I just bought it about 30 days ago band new. Every time I change to the HDMI source that it is plugged into from another source, it blinks 2-3 times before coming up. Also, both audio and video cease to work at all when using Pure Direct mode on the receiver. And when I change back to Stereo from Pure Direct, I get no A/V and have to force a reboot on the Mac Mini to get output in stereo again. The receiver is a marantz sr6007. This seems to be some sort of HDMI handshake issue..Any advice on what to do?


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    Hello and welcome,

    How are you switching sources..are you using a universal remote? Altering the switching order of your devices can sometimes help.

    Sometimes DLNA devices can have an adverse effect if you introduce non-compatible devices into the mix so try turning that off.

    Also check your cable to see if it is correctly seated.

    You could also use optical for the audio into the amp and HDMi to the TV.

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