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    Hi guys,

    Newbie here.. Welcome to me

    I have been a mac user for the last 4 years, only ever used Intel macs.

    I have the chance of buying a G4 Imac for around 100, my questions are -

    Is it going to be more trouble than it's worth using it as most software is all aimed at Intel OSX ?
    What is the latest OS software i can put on it?

    I am thinking of maybe just using it as a media player - Is the hard drive easy to upgrade on these? and will the latest Itunes version work on it?

    Many Thanks

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    Check the Specs on it vs what 10.5 requires. I used a 10.5 machine to serve my Apple TV and it worked fine. as far are as I know the latest iTunes will still work for 10.5

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    OP to install Leopard on your G4 you need a processor speed of +867MHz. Early G4's were 700MHz and 800MHz. Then consider if the processors are okay for Leopard OS X.5 it is going to set you back up to $100/50 buying a second hand copy.

    So in total you are looking at say 200 and has the memory been maxed out? Apple generally recommended 1GB maximum, but some models will run 2GB no problem.

    All in all suggest looking for a later model Intel Core 2 Duo iMac.
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    A G4 iMac is going to be tough..

    Give it a go with Tiger and see how you like it. At that price I'd keep it around just to look at.
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