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Thread: Mac Pro 3,1 would not switch on - heat related maybe?

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    Mac Pro 3,1 would not switch on - heat related maybe?
    Today, the temperature in my part of the UK has been really high: around 32C (90F), and the room I work in is not air conditioned.

    My Mac Pro had been coping admirably all morning, but by 2pm I thought it wisest to shut down and give the poor beast a break.

    I came back to it at 6pm - temperatures were starting to cool off, but were still around 28C (83F) in the room. I pressed the ON button and heard a little relay go clickety-click, but no fan spin-up. Tried again a couple of times, but the machine was having none of it. Little clicks, but no fan action.

    I unplugged the mains cable (which prompted a couple more relay clicks), waited a further 15 minutes, then plugged back in and hit the switch. To my enormous relief, the fan kicked in and all was well. In fact, this is me using my baby now to post this.

    My question is... Was this a safety cut-out protecting the machine because of the hot weather, or might I have a suspect PSU? I hope it's not the latter, because I've just shelled out 315 to have a brand new one fitted after the last one blew up!

    All wisdom gratefully received.

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    If you unplugged it you may have managed to reset power management unit

    If it happens again, unplug the mac and press the power button for 5 seconds, then plug it back in and start her up.

    But otherwise, macs can shut down when hot to prevent component damage.

    Its 32 degrees here as well, but my macbook is coping with it. However I put the router atop a plastic ice box, because thats the main thing that overheats in these temperatures
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    Thanks, Louishen - I'll remember that.

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    And as a suggestion open her up and give a good clean out as dust builds up inside the fan units. Also remove the gfx card, clean and re-insert.
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    In the attick, where I have my computer systems, it was about 35 Celsius yesterday, and today promises to be even hotter. My systems do not shut down, but they get very hot. So I bought one of those little fans, and put it behind the iMac. When it is hot, I turn it on, when I have the system switched on for more then checking email. Since the entire aluminium casing is a heatsink, this help to cool down the system considerably.

    Besides, at 35C, I do not like working, but prefer to sit in the back garden, in the shade, with a cool drink.


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