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    Any news of a 30" iMac w/ Retina Display?
    I haven't heard anything about a 30" iMac with retina display yet. Have any of you?

    I already have a relatively new (2011) 27" iMac. Which i wasn't planning to replace for a few years....UNLESS Apple puts out a 30" version w/ retina display. Better yet a 32" version. That would make me think twice about buying another.

    Perhaps Apple could get EIZO to make their screens or NEC. This way the 30" or 32" could be more color accurate (for photographers not wanting to foot the bill for a Mac Pro + 30" screen).

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    I'm not sure if Apple will come out with a 30" retina display, if they do it's likely going to be years from now, you have any idea how many pixels it would take for a screen like that? I'm sure just the retina 15" MBP was a challenge.

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