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Thread: mac pro 2009/2010 Video card swap

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    mac pro 2009/2010 Video card swap
    My wife currently has a 2009 mac pro with the NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 512 MB video card installed. I will be upgrading my computer to a 2010 mac pro with the ATI Radeon HD 5770 with 1GB GDDR5 video card. My computer will almost exclusively be running pro tools in my studio, where as my wife is a graphic designer and runs CS suite constantly. Will these computers accept a swap out of the video cards, and would this swap be beneficial to my wife without causing problems for me? (hers is an 8 core where mine will be a quad if that matters)

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    I'm 99% sure these two video cards can be swapped between the 2009 & 2010 Mac Pro's. The 5770 is the much better card.

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