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    Thumbs up apple macintosh classic - worth what?
    so we were throwing out a bunch of stuff today into a big dumpster that we rented and my dad was about to throw away this (http://en.wikipedia....cintosh_Classic) i told him that it could be worth something and made a deal that i get all the money anyways, i have it now and i made a video to show it off.

    the box is kind of dirty and does not have all the original packaging. the edge of the keyboard is somewhat coming off and it has the original power cord. also it has this floppy disk that goes in the front. it has files and stuff on it including games and Microsoft word

    how much is it worth?
    where could i sell it?
    should i wipe the hard drive? how?

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    Quote Originally Posted by temp person View Post
    how much is it worth?
    If someone is willing to come pick it up, you should give them $20 for their time and gas.

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    Recycle that puppy. Any Apple Store will take it back and make sure it gets recycled instead of leaching toxic waste into our groundwater.
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    Dont wipe the drive...thats the hardest part to replace...just remove any personal stuff. Someone my like to have it.

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