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    Post Trouble opening a .pages document in word

    I recently wrote several documents in Pages. I then saved them as a ".doc" on "Dropbox". I need to open them in word on a non-Mac PC but the problem is I am unable to. I downloaded a free trial of word 2012 on my non- Mac PC but still no luck in opening the documents.

    I have tried emailing myself the documents from Dropbox but they won't open in my email.

    I no longer have access to the documents on the Mac. The error message on the non Mac PC says something about the content is preventing the documents from being opened. I invested 40 hours of time writing these documents so am desperate to get them open.

    Any solutions?

    Thank you

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    Can you provide the specific error message? It's possible that the files were corrupted. Is there anyway you can get the original Pages file back?
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