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    Any alternative display card for mac pro?
    I bought my Mac Pro 2 years ago running the latest version of Snow Leopard.

    Recently my screen just have these weird fuzzy markings all around it and it only has it after it boots into the desktop screen. Its fine at the apple logo booting screen though. I assume its a display card fault problem so I am planning to change it.

    Besides the 2 display cards you can buy on the apple website the Radeon 5770 and 5870, are there any other options I can go for thats out there? .. Coz before I was stupid and I didn't check and research carefully before I bought a new display card so I went and just bought a Radeon HD 7770 and it didnt work.


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    There are other cards, but a lot will depend on the version of OSX you have on it.

    In terms of purely Mac compatible, you can get an 8800gt or a Radeon 2600 or an nvidia GT120 (I think was the model) - those you'll have to find on ebay.

    With Snow Leopard, you can also get a hacked firmware version of a Radeon HD6870 to use in your Mac Pro (only available on EBay).

    With Lion (latest patch and I think Mountain Lion) you can use some (if not all, I haven't tested) off the shelf HD6870's without a firmware hack as well as some of the other NVidia cards out there (there are several threads on the internet of using non-Apple video cards on the net, just make sure you're looking at threads/topics/blogs that are of actual Mac Pro users and not hackintosh users).

    I know with a hacked firmware on the 6870 you loose using pcie 2.0 (ends up at 1.0 speeds) - it's still a huge improvement over the 8800gt, but not as powerful as it would be at pcie 2.0 spec)

    They may come out with more options soon and now that Mountain Lion is out more people will be experimenting with more cards (but will require you to update your OSX to support more off the shelf models)
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