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    My IMAC G5 screen is not working, how to recycle
    Hi guys,

    I had my IMAC G5 for almost six years and six months ago my screen went half black and the other half has red lines, it still switches on and the hardrive seems to work but slower, I only use it to charge my mp3 player, although I need to get rid of it as I am moving to a different state and I don't wanna bring junk with me.

    I want to get rid of the mouse, keyboard, the screen and the two discs that it came with, I don't think I can sell it as I did think about it, I am not sure if the hardrive would last for long.

    I was thinking to recycle it to apple or someone who would like imac parts. any suggestions????


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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    Apple will not touch it. Advertise it, with the faults, complete with install CDs on eBay as folk are always looking for G5 iMacs because of power supply failures.
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    So you think I will be able to sell it on eBay? With the screen not fully working.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Picture_Editor View Post
    So you think I will be able to sell it on eBay? With the screen not fully working.
    Oh yeah. Someone out there will want it for parts, trust me.

    Just make sure you are open about the flaws (restate is several times and in large, bolded font).

    And if you don't want to go that route, there are many other venues for securely recycling your computer equipment...

    Apple actually will recycle it for you, but they won't give you any credit for it:
    Apple - Recycling Program

    MacWorld has a good article about recycling your Mac here:

    How to recycle your Mac | Macworld has a recycling program as well:

    SellYourMac | Free Mac Recycling on all Apple Products has a "trade-in" program too:

    Trade In Your Mac, MacBook, iPod, iPad or iPhone and Save | PowerMax

    So, you see, your options are plentiful - but I think your best bet (in terms of cashing in) is probably just to sell on eBay or Craigslist. You might be surprised - one man's trash, is another's treasure.
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