There is another posting in this section about trying to use an external modem on a Mac desktop. I have an iMacG5 with PowerPC running Leopard. Due to a problem, I want to try using an external modem. I happened to have a USR with RS232 on hand. At first USR told me it would work if I got an RS232 to USB adapter. However, I contacted them again to ask about a driver, Then they told me it wouldn't work because the modem was never intended to be used with a Mac so there is no Mac driver. The other posting here said to check the Advanced drop down menu under External Modem in Network Preferences and either find a driver there or try generic, but when I looked, USR is not listed and generic would not work. Does anyone know if there is any downloadable free/software that might work? I've already ordered a modem that is supposed to be Apple compatible, but I'm still curious. Thanks.