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    MAC PRO early 2010 cannot turn on
    Hi every body,, i am new here,

    i have problem with my mac pro 2010, it can't turn on after i setting to sleep for two days.

    i did reset SMC with press the button power fifteen seconds but not change anything. i remove all component such as RAM,HDD, VGA , optical drive and left view minute and than i plug it back but still not work.

    while i plug to power chord, i just saw once flash red light in front of mac.. but not response anything while i press the power button.

    please let me know to solve this problem..

    warm regard

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    This could possibly fix your problem,

    Unplug the machine, pull the clock battery, hit the power button to discharge. Then plug it in without the clock battery. The machine should boot perfectly. Shut down, reinstall the clock battery, and startup...

    Hope this works out for you, Ibanezi

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