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Thread: How offen does apple do events like WWDC?

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    How offen does apple do events like WWDC?
    First of all, sorry if this topic isn't at the right section.
    I'm waiting for the new iMac and would like to know when it's coming out so I had to ask here.

    So I found a lot of people saying that the new iMac should be coming this Fall, but when is that even held and what is it called?

    If I'm not mistaken, apple releases updates at event's like the WWDC right?
    So now I'm woundering what kind of even is held this Fall? And what date is it scheduled?

    If I can know the name and date for the event I'm sure I'll know when to expect the new iMac so can anyone tell me?

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    Apple holds events periodically to release new products. The event may or may not have a specific name. I don't know that a date for the next one is known, but expect it to be announced sometime within the next few weeks--most likely for the release of the new iPhone and/or iOS 6 in October. A new iMac might be a part of it as well.

    Check out the video podcasts by Apple in the iTunes Store. They have videos of every major release for the last five years or so. You can peruse the release dates to get an idea when they occur. They are typically uploaded to iTunes the day after the event.

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    Thanks Jay for clearing things up.

    no wounder everyone doesn't know the date.... I was thinking it was set date like NAB show or something.
    I'll definetly checkout iTunes to get the latest update.

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    No one knows when the next iMac will be released. Experts such as David Pogue, notable Mac writer, advises 2013 at the earliest. Last WWDC was 12 June and nothing eventuated there concerning iMacs, only MacBooks and Mountain Lion.
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