Hi All!

Not particularly new to world of Apple but new to this site and I need your help! A year ago I installed Virus Barrier X6 with Personal Antispam. The Virus software seems great and I have no issues. The Antispam I have never really used, however I have an issue with what I think is the Intego version (you may correct me) which is driving me mad!

On the left hand column of my Apple mail software is a folder headed 'ON MY MAC', called Spam. eBay messages, MacRumours messages, banking etc etc are going straight in there and I cannot seem to alter any settings.

The email shows in purple and when I try right clicking, it offers no real options. There are no spam options at the top of the screen, there is nothing on the Launchpad and when I search the mac (top right), there are absolutely no hits whatsoever entitled Spam?

Since my recent update to M/Lion, the Intego Personal Antispam icon on Launchpad has disappeared by the way - so I cannot be sure that this is Intego. Is it possibly an Apple generated icon?

I would be happy to keep it there if I could control it. If not, I just need rid of the thing. Your help would be very much appreciated.

Please help? John.

A screen shot is at this link for clarification.

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