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    Wanted to upgrade to SSD in 2011 iMac.
    Hey everyone,

    I recently bought a mid 2011 iMac about half a year ago and I'd like to now change out the standard HD to an SSD drive. I've read that Apple has made it difficult to change out the HD and if I don't put a "compatible" one, the fans will begin to spin out of control. -____-. Is there a way to find a list of compatible certified SSD drives that are compatible with my iMac?

    The iMac is fast and all but I recently bought a MBA and it is just "flies" on the SSD...I'm looking for the same performance on my iMac as well.

    Thank you in advance for responses!

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    Here is a link to OWC who have an SSD kit but make sure you study videos first. Cracking our iMacs is not for the inexperienced.

    OWC Introduces DIY Kit for Adding SSD to 2011 27" Apple iMac | Other World Computing Blog
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    Thank you!

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