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well adjusted12 07-23-2012 01:11 PM

iMac g5 power issues
I would appreciate any help I could get on here. I have a beautiful iMac g5 I purchased in 2006. The machine has been to the Apple store twice, where Apple replaced the recalled power pack for free.

I have always been cautious on my mac, do not download alot of garbage on it. It is down again. I did the self diagnosis on it, as explained by Apple, and it is the power pack again.

What would be the best possible way to approach Apple again, to fix this problem?
I know Apple released this iMac knowing the power pack on the machine was insufficient to properly power up all the workings.


Thank you so much.

techiesteve 07-23-2012 04:26 PM

Unfortunately the PPC G5 based Macs are now classed as vintage, spares availability has been withdrawn. The 1.8 GHz 20" was discontinued in May 2005. I suspect Apple will simply recommend upgrading to a new model.

I've only ever seen one 100-120V PSU, it had blown when connected to our 230V supply. It was similar to our universal voltage variant, and in time they suffer from bad electrolytics. If so, you'll see the tops bulging. Here you can buy via eBay capacitor kits. Unsoldering all the electrolytic capacitors and replacing with new may be one way of keeping your iMac going. I've done similar to the iMac G5 logic boards.

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