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    Any way to control my iMac '11 fan on Bootcamp?
    I've tried two programs. One is SpeedFan and I used YouTube to figure out how to use it. However, the guy on the tutorial had a PC, not a Mac. I got this far into the tutorial. I'm on this screen and I don't know what changes I should make:

    Then, I tried MAC/SMC MacFan. I ran it and got this:

    "Number of fans in the system: -1" ...that can't be right?? I read that they stopped developing this program so I don't know if it would work on my system.

    If anyone has any solutions or suggestions, please let me know. I play games on Bootcamp so I'd really like to beef up my fan speed. Thanks.

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    There's no need to change your fan speed to play games - they will go as fast as they need to. In fact, you run the risk of doing damage to them if you take manual control. Let the computer decide how fast they need to go and enjoy your computer.
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    hey thanks anyway. I found Lubbo's Fan Control works.. I can actually hear the fans going now and see the temperature decreasing.

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