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    Exclamation Mac Mini REALLY Slow/Laggy
    Recently for the past 2 months my Mac Mini 2gb ram is rrreeeeallllyyy slow. It freezes when logging in to thing such as twitter or youtube (ex: while typing my username it freezes). I am a gamer and play indie games such as Minecraft so when I am playing minecraft it is very slow and crashes half the time and back then i would not have these problems. I go to activity monitor and see that I have plenty of ram left to process applications but its still really slow I have always 700-450mbs of ram and my computer is still slow. I have 51gbs of disk space still so I guess thats not the problem but I think I have gotten a virus on my Desktop, I've had this computer since 2009 and haven't had problems like this until a month or two ago. Other examples of my slow/lag computer is when I Cmd+Spacebar to do a search it take about 25 seconds to load up that single bar to find something on my computer. It takes about 1 or even 2 minutes to load an application at some times but always 30 seconds.

    Any suggestions? I'm having a hard time with the computer but I am going to get a new gaming Desktop (alienware x51) soon for a better experience of gaming and no I did not get the mac for gaming at first but I got it for school/work but now since Im into gaming since the steam for mac came out I really enjoyed it.

    Thank you for reading, Hope I can find a good answer.

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    What version of OSX is running on that Mini? I hope it's not 10.7 Lion with 2GB RAM.

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    Yeah its 10.7.4

    Now that you mention lion...its all been happening since I upgraded from leopard

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    2GBytes of ram is the minimum spec for Lion. Mine was sluggish when I purchased my mini last year. Upgrading to 8 GBytes and it is quite stable. Open activity monitor and look at the number of "page outs". This will indicate swapping Ram out to disk which will slow the machine down noticeably. The larger the number, the more paging to disk. The only real solution would be to upgrade the RAM.

    Bill Boggess

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