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Thread: asd diagnostics

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    asd diagnostics
    as i don't have the original disc for my iMac 24 early 2009. i am unable to run the aht tools
    i have however, got a copy of the apple asd diagnostics tools.
    i followed the instructions to copy it to a external hard drive
    there are 2 files asd os and asd efi
    you partition the drive and put os on 1 partition and efi on the other
    when i boot up and press the alt button only the efi partition show up
    I've run all the tests and all came back clear, but was just wondering why the os partition was not an option
    are there any different tools on that one over the efi one
    also noticed that there was no option to check on graphics
    anyone help

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    The Apple ASD diagnostics are proprietary to Apple technicians only. Unless you're an Apple tech or working as a genius, you shouldn't have a copy. I can only assume you have a pirated or illegal copy. Sorry, no help with that.

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