My hubby just got a Canon MF8300C ... set it up wireless. Fine and dandy his iMac and his mom's newest iMac connected to the printer and can print lovely. I did the EXACT set up, but it just throws me an error and won't print. As though its sending the request to print but something is blocking it actually connecting.

I run little snitch (though I doubt thats doing anything since I stopped it to try, but still didn't print), um .. NoScript on Firefox but again I doubt that has anything to do with it. I'm guessing Network issues, but his and his moms work perfect and theres nothing different that we found. I so badly don't want to do a full on reinstall of the OS cause it's not running slower or doing anything strange. This one thing stumped him and he can usuallyfigure out any Mac issues.

So just wondering if ya'll had any ideas on settings I can mess with or whatnot? Or any info I can offer that can maybe help diagnose? Thanks for any info or help

Crap, I'm sorry if I put this in the wrong place btw

Well, I found the issue. Had to search the exact issue in Google which actually produced only 4 results, but found out that certain Macs just have issues ... found a proper driver since it wasn't on the included disc and after some tweaking ... it is working like a charm. I apologize for the useless post everyone.