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    Right shift key doesn't shift - acts like control key
    My right shift key all of a sudden stopped functioning as a shift key. For instance, if I press "shift + s" to make a capital 's', it performs a save function instead of capitalization function. What's going on, and how do I make it work properly?
    I recently switched to an older iMac from a PC, my friend gave me this computer. The shift key has been functioning properly until yesterday, not it almost acts like a control key.
    Please help! Typing with only a left shift is starting to hurt my hand!!
    OS X 10.4.11

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    You state that as if I'm only supposed to have one.
    Have you tried using a different Keyboard? Any USB keyboard should work.... the "Windows" key functions as the command key when you use a non-apple keyboard by the way.

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