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Thread: MacBook to VGA?

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    Jul 05, 2012
    MacBook to VGA?
    I have a MacBook5,1. I want to connect it to a VGA device, one that projects on a screen what is on my desktop, e.g. Internet link or a DVD, etc.
    My MacBook does not have a Mini DisplayPort. Is there a way for me to connect to the VGA projector without the Mini DisplayPort? Thanks.

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    If you really do have a MacBook5,1 (a 2008-model 13" aluminum MacBook) then you absolutely should have a mini-DisplayPort, and you'd just need a mini-DisplayPort to VGA adapter, which you can buy for less than $20 (or more than that, if you buy from Apple.)

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    Jul 05, 2012
    display port
    You are right. I found the port - somehow I was looking for a larger opening, but now I see it! I appreciate the help.

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