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    I'm a photographer and I have a lot of templates that I've downloaded. I've recently noticed there are multiples of the same files. Is there away to clean out my hard drive and get rid of the duplicates? I ran into a problem when I was transferring my files from my hard drive to my external hard drive. Some files went missing when I attempted to move the ones from my computer to the trash bin. I thought once I copied them to my external they would all be on there but they weren't. Now my trash bin is filled and I'm afraid of losing files that my be on there.
    I would like to set up some type of organization for the files but don't know where to start.
    Is there away to set up everything I download to go to my external instead of my desk top? This would help me a lot. Rather then transferring the files all the time.
    I've noticed my computer is running a lot slower now as well.
    Any advise would be appreciated!
    Thanks in advance.

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    I know a program that will find all the duplicate files on your computer. It's called WhatSize.

    Good luck!

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