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bpublisher 12-16-2005 09:44 PM

TV Tuner/ Video Card for iMac

I was wondering if anyone knew of a tv tuner that worked for the imac G5, and of a new video card that has 128 mb of ram, or a tv tuner/ video card that would work with my imac g5 20 inch rev a. Let me know, thanks,

trpnmonkey41 12-17-2005 02:10 AM

You can't change the video card in the iMac. has external TV tuners

bpublisher 12-17-2005 05:28 PM

I like the tuners elgato has, however i was wondering if there was a tv tuner I could hook up wirelessly, like have something plugged into my usb 2.0 or firewire 400 port, and the other end wirrelessly to the cable box. if anyone knows of a wireless tv tuner compatible with the imac g5 rev a, please let me know.

bpublisher 12-17-2005 06:04 PM

I have a few questions about the elgato EyeTV 200. Can i connect it to my io (interactive optimum) cable box via USB 2.0 and watch all 600 channels that io provides? Or do I have to watch tv through the web. Also, does it also come with the infrared remote? thanks

trpnmonkey41 12-17-2005 10:40 PM

you can watch all 600 channels but you have to change the channel using your io cable box remote. The only way EyeTV can tune itself is if you are using a direct cable (no box) or antenna input.

There are no wireless tuners to my knowledge because they would require too much bandwidth

bpublisher 12-18-2005 10:20 AM

so in order to change the channel, I would have to get up and go in the other room and change it on the cable box?

bpublisher 12-18-2005 10:25 AM

also, does the elgato software come with the eyeTV 200? thanks

ForeverG5 12-19-2005 07:59 PM

If my memory serves me correctly, yes it does. Anyone confirm that? I have to agree that the eyeTV is one of the best choices out there. :)

trpnmonkey41 12-19-2005 09:12 PM


Originally Posted by bpublisher
also, does the elgato software come with the eyeTV 200? thanks

Yes because the way you get all of your channels is through your io cable box, the EyeTV can tune channels but it is not an io box, and it does come with the EyeTV Software

bpublisher 12-20-2005 05:02 PM

so it can change only certain channels?

trpnmonkey41 12-20-2005 07:39 PM

If you plug the cable directly in (bypassing the io cable box, and therefore only getting standard cable channels) then it can tune all of the channels. If you want all of your channels you would have to change the channels on the cable box itself

bpublisher 12-20-2005 09:09 PM

ok thanks, so that also means that I couldnt record a channel directly from my box unless I was tuned to that channel? thanks, and sorry for so many questions.

trpnmonkey41 12-20-2005 09:20 PM

Yes, to record a channel you would need to tune to it on the box (so you couldn't program multiple recordings on different channels without programming the cable box to change channels at the right times as well)

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