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Thread: New trash can?

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    Question New trash can?
    Is it possible to get a new trashcan? I have a new iMac running OS 7 and inadvertently trashed several file folders from my external Time Machine hard drive. Now the trash won't empty. I assume it's because the folders contain OS? Anyway, I'd like to get back to an empty trash can? Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    This is a hardware forum. You would be better posting this question to one of the OS forums. Also, I'm sure you're not running OS 7 on a new iMac. Do you mean 10.7 (Lion)?

    Anyway, click on Trash to open it. Select the items which you "inadvertently trashed", right click (or option-click if you don't have right clicking enabled) and select "put back". If they were from an external drive, obviously you need to have that drive attached. That will remove them from Trash and allow you to empty any other contents as usual.

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    Sorry. You're right, I am running Lion, v. 10.7.4. Thanks for your suggestion but I don't want to return the deleted folders to my Time Machine drive. I am able to empty the trash of other contents ... just not these 40+ folders. I want to permanently delete them or replace the trash can. Perhaps I should repost under an OS forum. Thanks.

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    Try holding down the "Option" key while emptying your trash, this should cause a "Force empty" and hopefully delete those unwanted files.

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