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Thread: Agp video cards

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    Agp video cards
    Picked up a G4 466mhz Digital Audio Powermac, petty much striped of anything not soderd in!!! Got 1 256, and 2 128mb sdram pc 133,,,and a 0 gig hd out of a burnd out Imac,,,just need a compatible video card...There are a few used part stores that have misc video cards for cheap here local. How do I no if they are mac comatible,,,Do I need mac firmware????? Very new with mac,, so If its possible to explain in mac for dummies language,,,Ill try to keep up, Thanks alazure1

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    pretty much any card you find in a computer store, will be for Windows. It will not work they need to be flashed, but to do that you need a AGP Windows box. To use the more modern AGP cards in a G4 you need to tape a pin I just can't remember which one. I'd look on ebay for a G4 card theyre not very expensive.
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    I was hoping to get one locally but that would be to easy!!!....I tryed taping the pin on a geforce mx card, and had no luck,,,,I have 2 mx cards not sure what size,,,but they are ibm cards, i'm certain!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by alazure1 View Post
    I was hoping to get one locally but that would be to easy!!!
    When you're dealing with Mac's (especially older PPC Mac's)'s not easy. e-Bay is your best bet for a genuine Macintosh compatible video card for that Powermac G4.

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    Well I hope this G4 works,,the famous chime rings out just after power is on.Thats a good sign I hope!!! Thanks for the input, and looks like I'll be lookn for a card online.....

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