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    WIndows user to Mac mini?
    The only experience I have with Apply is a few times back in college.....7-8 years ago. I've been a PC person my whole life. I was thinking of getting a Mac Mini but had a few questions. If these have been asked I apologize. I use a usb Kensington wireless keyboard with my PC would it be compatible with the Mac Mini? Would I be able to eventually get something like Final Cut to edit videos on a Mac Mini? I know Apple recently changed things with Lion...what about software compatibility? Will old programs work or no?

    And finally what about buying a used older Mac? If there's anything else you think I should know I'd appreciate it! Thanks!

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    The Kensington BT keyboard should work with a Mac Mini as well as other BT brands. There may be some off brand BT devices that may not be recognized but that would be unusual.

    As far as older programs working with Lion.... Any program that uses PPC code will not run in Lion. Even some programs that state they're universal but have a PPC installer will not work. I've run into that several times. If any of your programs fall into that category, you will need to update them.

    Buying an older Mac is like buying anything used. You need to be careful to make sure everything is working and that all original disks are included.

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